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  Welcome to Nanjing Panda Electronics Company Limited.
  Eighty years of growth starting from Changsha City in Hunan province. Our Company has self-paved its way to success. Being self-striving, brave and persevering, it has been recognized as the cradle of China electronics industry.
  Sixty years of brand history. From consumer goods such as military radios, radio receivers and television sets to the industries including electronics equipment, modern communication and consumer electronics, Panda has established its well esteemed reputation with qualified products and comprehensive services. It has also achieved the first famous brand in domestic electronics industry.
  The company has been listed for over twenty years on the stock market. It has achieved immense success which has made it a part of national history. Its successful strategy involves a focus on benefits to employees, rewarding investors and the devotion to the society at home and abroad within the international world.
  We sincerely thank all of our customers, partners, and followers. It is by your understanding, trust, attention, and support that have allowed the Company to develop in such a successful way.
  We look forward to your continued support in the future. Your active participation and cooperation will make all develop further and succeed! We are awaiting and expecting further success for all!

                                       Chairman: Xu Guofei

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