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Panda won the honorary title of "Nanjing Safe Enterprise"

Panda Electronics  2019-05-27

Recently, Panda Electronics were awarded "Nanjing Safe Enterprise" in the selection of Nanjing safe enterprise. Relevant leaders of Qixia Public Security Bureau went to the Panda Equipment Park to present the award. The general manager of Panda Emerging Industry Company Mr. Dong Zhiming accepted the plaque and certificate on behalf of the company. The administrative and legal department was named "the advanced collective of Nanjing public security internal security system", and Mr. Lv Song of the department was named "the advanced individual of Nanjing public security internal security system".

Since the establishment of "Safe Enterprise" in 2017, the Party Committee and the management team of the company have attached great importance to it. Under the organization and guidance of Nanjing Public Security Bureau and Qixia District Public Security Bureau, they have established a working team with the company's leadership as the commander, the administrative and legal department as the internal security responsibility department, and the Park Management Committee as the specific implementation department. In the establishment process, Panda combines the construction of the park with the safety and security work of enterprises, and carry out the establishing work at different levels. They have achieved remarkable results and made positive contributions to the economic development, social harmony and stability of Nanjing and the happy life of employees.
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