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Panda showed at the Nanjing Transportation Informatization Forum and Smart Transportation Products and Technology Exhibition

Panda Electronics  2019-05-27

On May 17, the 3rd China (Nanjing) Transportation Informatization Forum and Smart Transportation Products and Technology Exhibition opened in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "Cross-border Integration - Opportunities and Challenges of Autopilot" and "5G Change the Society". Panda participated in the exhibition first time, and showed the technological achievements and solutions in the field of smart transportation. The Deputy General Manager of Panda Electronics and General Manager of Panda Information Mr. Guo Qing visited the exhibition.

In recent years, Panda has always insisted on independent innovation, devoted to the scientific research and application of achievements of smart transportation, bringing more convenient services for the travelling of Nanjing citizens, and has a high reputation in the country. Panda will focus on showing the operational application system of the metro line network command center. It is reported that after Panda successfully won the bid for Nanjing NCC project, it continued to increase investment in scientific research and laid a good foundation for NCC projects in other cities.

Panda also presents the technology of face recognition and Phone Pass, which has been the frontier technology in the field of Panda smart city industry. The ticket-selling and checking system based on these two technologies makes full use of face recognition, Phone Pass technology and identity recognition to achieve the integration of personnel, credentials and photograph, providing a new experience of rapid identification, access and payment for all the passengers.

Panda AFC/ACC smart cloud platform can provide a variety of payment methods, including UnionPay card, Alipay, WeChat, Ministry of communications nationwide card and citizen card.

On the exhibition, the Panda metro communication focuses on the secondary development of TETRA wireless system, which can realize the functions of vehicle transceiver dispatching, key control and high resolution graphics and text display. In addition, the probe equipment, emergency broadcasting, emergency power supply and other products used in tunnels, high-speed intersections, rail transit are also the focus of this exhibition.
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