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Shenzhen Jingwah Electronics is awarded as "Excellent Enterprise of Guangdong Province"

Panda Electronics  2019-06-10

Recently, the 25th Guangdong Entrepreneur Day and Enterprise Credit Building Conference, co-sponsored by Guangdong Enterprise Federation and Guangdong Entrepreneur Association, was held in Guangzhou. Shenzhen Jingwah Electronics has performed well in promoting enterprise innovation and being a leader in high-quality development. It was awarded the title of "Excellent Enterprise of Guangdong Province in 2018" on the conference.

It is reported that the selection was based on the business performance, brand forging, smart management, staff training and growth, social responsibility and public welfare, and select through the third-party evaluation, expert group review, audit and publicity.

Shenzhen Jingwah Electronics is a holding subsidiary company of Panda. It mainly produces and sells digital products, automotive audio, high-end recorders and other products. In recent years, the company has actively carried out the corporate mission of "feedback shareholders, employees and society". The work has been comprehensively promoted and the industry has been growing. Last year, the business revenue of Shenzhen Jingwah Electronic is 720 million yuan, and the profit is 100 million yuan. The operating performance has reached a higher level.
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