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Training of skilled personnel based on post ability of state-owned enterprises of manufacturing

Panda Electronics  2019-06-17

Recently, the “Training of skilled personnel based on post ability of state-owned enterprises of manufacturing” declared by Nanjing Panda Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. which belongs to Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd. won the second prize of 2018 Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement of CEC.

The connotation of this subject is based on the scientific concept of talent development, guided by enterprise development strategy, aiming at establishing a perfect talent training mechanism and building a high-quality talent team, and constantly innovating and practicing new methods of talent management in the process of training skilled personnel. The main innovations are as follows,

1.use advanced human resource management concepts and management tools to construct a scientific talent evaluation system based on the requirements of post ability, and to scientifically select, excavate and evaluate skilled personnel.

2.Through a comprehensive analysis of the personnel situation of Panda Manufacturing from the aspects of quantity, quality and structure, we can understand and grasp the gap between the existing personnel structure and the development needs of enterprises, so as to effectively carry out the talent team construction that meets the future development needs.

3.Relying on the two skills master studios in enterprises, the system of mentoring is implemented, and a learning platform for skilled personnel is set up, so as to effectively improve the professional skills of young workers and form a good learning atmosphere.

4.Put skills competition and employee innovation activities as important ways to train and select talents. Panda Manufacturing makes full use of group organizations and human resources departments to organize various forms of skills training and employee innovation activities, and encourages employees to actively participate in various scales and levels of professional skills competitions, so as to expand channels and build platforms for skilled personnel to stand out.

5.Based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the incentive and assessment system of skilled talents is constructed to maximize the value of enterprises while achieving the employees' self-worth goal.

6.We should innovate a new mode of school-enterprise cooperation, deepen cooperation with local colleges and universities, and promote the joint teaching and training of the students.
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